Trump Admin Is Considering Using Amazon Echo And Apple Watch To Determine If Citizens Should Own A Gun

Well shucks, who could have seen this coming? I guess President Trump isn’t here to “MAGA” after all? No protection of our 2nd amendment or 4th amendment for that matter? Nope! It’s time to take off the blinders folks; we’re all in grave danger! There will be no protection of our individual rights, as there will be no national sovereignty when it’s all said and done. The “smart” technology that we’ve brought into our homes will be used to enforce the laws of the beast system upon us. Think you’re not “mentally ill” and have nothing to worry about? Think again. If you believe in the literal fulfillment of bible prophecy, the physical return of Jesus Christ, the new world order conspiracy, or any other pro-liberty/anti-world government stance, you will soon be deemed mentally ill by the global community.

Hold fast, Jesus is coming soon!