It’s A Fact: Population Control Efforts Since The 1970s Per Declassified USA Document

This is a great article full of proof of the elite’s depopulation agenda; however, I must comment on the authors final comments. She basically states that “Mother Earth” could and would take care of itself without the new world order crowd tampering with and altering everything on the planet. I understand where she’s coming from, but the statement is erroneous in light of bible prophecy. God created all things, including mankind and gave him dominion over the earth. Of course satan has been temporarily given dominion over this present realm where mankind dwells, and as prophecy tells us, satan will actually try to rule and reign over mankind while declaring himself to be God in the final moments of human history. The new world order will continue to be successful in sickening and destroying this planet and it’s inhabitants until the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All of this proof of a global conspiracy to eliminate the population can really make you angry and hopeless unless you realize that this is all part of prophecy being fulfilled. Seeing the world in this stark light should make you long for Jesus’ return and the end of this satanic system of lies and death.