John Kerry Declares War on US Farmers: Gov’t Farm Confiscations ‘Not Off The Table’

“A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about 33% of all the emissions of the world,” he said during his keynote address. “We can’t get to net-zero, we don’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us understand here the depths of this mission.”

Notice how this Skull & Bones member drops the beloved “33”? He’s telling you everything you need to know about who he is and who he serves. The servants of satan are getting bolder, and they’re not afraid to tell us what they plan to do. There is no voting this evil out. There’s no way to even physically remove any of them from power. (Even though I imagine how satisfying that would be) Evil will win and appear to conquer the world and the Lord’s people. We know the truth though. We have God’s sure Word in the pages of bible prophecy. Jesus is coming for His bride, and then the Lion of the tribe of Judah will return to judge this world righteously. AMEN!