Shocking “Third Temple” Plans Exposed (R$E)


Donald Trump Celebrated Diwali in White House

Hey Christians, are you ok with this? Does this still look like Trump is our born again leader that will return our nation to Christian values? Surely you can see that the notion that all faiths can live in harmony with God is absurd, right?

So, will God continue to bless our nation? Will He withhold judgement and shower us with prosperity? I think not! This is just more evidence that our country is completely turned against God. We are a stiff-necked and proud people that refuses to repent and serve the Lord.

You must realize that all the world’s religions are being drawn together to live in a false peace under the reign of antichrist. The cries for peace and safety will only grow louder as the calamities continue to befall the inhabitants of this world.

Repent, Jesus is coming soon!



Here is the CNN article: