The NFL Launches New ‘Football Is Gay’ Ad Campaign Designed To Alienate Sports Fans Not Already Driven Out By Their Social Justice Polices

Another reason for me to boycott the NFL. Actually, all professional sports are corporate entities pushing agendas on the dumbed-down masses. Satan is laughing as grown men idolize their bread and circuses. Last weekend I was in a situation where I had to converse with some other dads at my daughter’s tournament, and again I realized how distant this world has become to me. These guys could only talk about sports, and believe me, they knew a lot of useless information about several sports and athletes. I didn’t even attempt to talk about anything of importance, as I could see they were tucked in comfortably and enjoying their snooze. I’m always trying to reach the lost, but sometimes I realize it’s time to stop casting my pearls. The lateness of the hour can’t be more obvious to those with eyes to see.