The narrator of this video mentions that while some believers think we’re going to be raptured out and escape God’s wrath, we will suffer and be persecuted. This is the point where some people amen what he said, and others are offended. Let’s not let the timing of an event (that we’re told nobody knows) divide us. I personally believe the bible leaves that ambiguity for a reason. We’re told Jesus is coming back at a time that no one knows, and that the world will be caught off guard but those that are ready won’t be caught in that same state of surprise. We’re also plainly told that because the world hated Jesus, it will hate us also. We will have persecution and tribulation in this life. That being said, I also believe the time of Jacob’s trouble is for Jacob (Israel). Jesus’s church, which is His bride, His wise virgins, His sons and daughters, will be caught up suddenly to meet Him in the air.

I look for Jesus to come every day, but I also pray daily for the strength and courage to stand against evil and lay down my life for Christ’s sake. I take the same approach when it comes to preparing physically to survive. I always tell people that I have to trust God for my provision. Ultimately, I can never have enough beans and bullets, but don’t think I’m not going to try to secure all the beans and bullets I possibly can. It’s pretty simple: I make sure I’m yielding the Sword of the Spirit, but I also make sure I’ve got my physical sword at my side as well.

Either way, the signs of the times are coming at us faster and stronger, just like labor pains. Jesus is most surely coming soon!



SATAN’S SORCERY- The Destruction of the US$

God's Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes

The Great Seal on every one dollar US Federal Reserve Note:
Satan’s Sorcery:Hidden in Plain Sight Since 1935

Author’s note Dec 31, 2021:    (This paper was written exactly 9 years ago, and sadly, the dire situation regarding the destruction of the US$ has since been greatly exacerbated due to extreme US debt and borrowing. The Corona Virus pandemic and the recent need for Gov’t stimulus money, have also accelerated the demise of the US$. It was just announced that US price inflation was the highest in 40 years, and there are now grave concerns about hyperinflation coming in 2022.  Also recent major international conflicts and looming nuclear wars will complete the destruction of the US$. As we are entering into theyear 2022, the US$, the world reserve currency, and all other fiat currencies, are heading for an apocalyptic end soon!

We are…

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