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John 17 Movement: Satanically Inspired “Global Religion” With Pope Francis at the Helm

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A Facebook friend messaged me last night and asked me what I knew about the John 17 Movement.  She said that a relative had posted on her FB page that she was excited because she had found a new church.

This was her post:

“Hey Friends! You won’t want to miss church this Sunday, here’s why:
—-> Pastor Don will be sharing about his recent trip with John 17 (a global movement to unite the Body of Christ) to the Vatican and Sofia, Bulgaria.”

Needless to say, this distressed my friend and she came to me to find out what I knew about this.  I have written quite a few articles on how some Unity is very evil. This John 17 movement is the embodiment of Satanic “Unity.”

Watch Pope Francis as he speaks to members of his movement – globally:

We must not forget that Satan comes as…

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In light of all the events that are happening today, this video is very interesting. What is especially interesting in today’s headlines is the focus on Israel’s 70th anniversary on 5-14-18 and the relocation of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem along with the recognition of Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel. Seeing all of these events play out now, jogged my memory of seeing Adrian Salbuchi’s presentation from 2009 and I thought it would be worth sharing. If you skip to the 6:00-6:30 mark you can see where he talks about the five key centers of world government, in which Jerusalem is the capitol of the world in which the elite crown their “king of the world.” I will say that Mr. Salbuchi is very well informed when it comes to matters of the geopolitical chessboard; and yet, he misses completely the biblical significance of why all of these events are happening. The cause of these horrible events happens to also be the reason to have hope and joy in this life: Jesus is coming!