When blood spills on Passover and Easter, it’s time to build the Temple

This last sentence of the article says it all. In other words, it’s time for a one world religion.

It’s time for peace-loving Jews, Christians and Muslims to come together and build the “house of prayer for all nations.”


Michael Flynn calls for US to have ‘one religion,’ sparks outrage from Jewish groups

This idea of a massive revival in America, turning the tide of the country and then the world toward Jesus, is very dangerous. The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) and kingdom-now/replacement theology movements are all headed in the same direction. All of these groups point toward believers bringing in God’s kingdom here on earth and changing the world for Christ. In fact, these groups put their focus on building their own earthly kingdom so much that they ignore all scripture looking forward to Jesus’s return and the promises of our heavenly reward.

There is no scriptural support for this at all. Bible prophecy states nothing of the kind. From scripture we see a fallen world that has always been opposed to Jesus and His followers that continues to devolve into the worship of antichrist. The Bible is clear: things will get worse and worse until Jesus’s return.

This is yet another massive deception that the enemy has created for us. Everything in this world is of antichrist and against Jesus Christ. Government, media, organized religion of every flavor, education, medicine…you name it. Satan has been given authority to roam about in the earth and he controls the earthly kingdoms in their entirety. If you are born-again, the world hates you and will forever persecute you because you follow Christ. This world is not our home. Check the scriptures for yourself and see the truth. Time’s ticking away, and Jesus is nearly at the door.