Trump Meets With Henry Kissinger Amid North Korea Crisis

A picture is worth a thousand words! Trump is smiling like the cat that just swallowed the bird. 




The Biggest Crisis The World Has Ever Faced


The author of this article lays out the staggering amount of debt and economic decline that the world faces, as well as the threat of nuclear war. His solution is to invest in gold and silver; however, that is not my reason for sharing this article. NOTHING will save us from the economic collapse and war that has been planned for this world. The point is: when you see all these things begin to happen, look up for your redemption draws near!



Russia reportedly deploys S-400 missile system at Iranian arms factory in Syria

Behold Israel

Russia’s S-400 deployed at Iranian arms factory in Syria; Deployment comes two weeks ahead of Russian “Zapad 2017“ drill in Belarus; Turkey and Russia progressing towards S-400 deal  (Photo: Wikimedia Commons), August 31, 2017.

desk.jpg                                                                                        Russia has deployed its S-400 anti-missile system to an Iranian missile factory in Syria.

Reports of the deployment surfaced Thursday, Russia reportedly stationing the S-400 system at the arms factory near Tartus this week. The weapons factory is used to produce long-range missiles for Hezbollah and is supported and funded by Iran.

The Russian S-400 missile defense system is capable of destroying aerial targets from all ranges and has tracking technology for…

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