‘Police state’ national ID card tucked in major bill



Revisiting the “Domestic Terrorist” Meme

I posted an article earlier this morning that contained a link to a story that recently took place in southwest Kansas. (‘It will be a bloodbath’: Inside the Kansas militia plot to ignite a religious war)  

I want to look a little closer at this story and how it fits into the government’s “Domestic Terrorist” meme. This story literally hit home for me because the suspects were from my home town of Liberal, Kansas. I believe that the story is legitimate in the sense that these men were fueled by a hateful ideology; however, I consider it a false flag operation in the sense that these men, as in most other cases, were being helped and goaded by an FBI informant. 

In addition to seeing undercover agents involved in funding, and then foiling a domestic terrorist act, we see the use of certain phrases in their reports that further implicate larger groups of innocent Americans. Take a look at the following quotes from the article and see if you can spot the phrases that I’m referring to. 

“They chose the target location based on their hatred of these groups, their perception that these groups represent a threat to American society, a desire to inspire other militia groups, and a desire to ‘wake people up,’” according to a criminal complaint unsealed this week.

At a meeting a month later, Allen suggested the group make hundreds of signs saying “‘I support illegal immigration, I go against the constitution on a daily basis, I do not have any care for my fellow citizens in the state or in the town that I represent.’ . . . and then for everyone of them that we blow the top of their head off we just put that around their neck.”

“Unless a lot more people in this country wake up and smell the f—— coffee and decide they want this country back . . . we might be too late, if they do wake up . . . I think we can get it done. But it ain’t going to be nothing nice about it.”

Did you see anything familiar to you? I know that I personally have referred to “waking people up” in many conversations with the sleeping public. I’ve even had sheeple puzzled enough by that phrase to ask me what I mean by “waking up.” So I personally feel a bit uneasy when I see this phrase used in reference to supposed ideologies of white hate groups. 

The other quote I find troubling is the quote about our leaders going against the constitution and supporting illegal immigration. This is very bad to see violent groups espousing these views, as these are the same views that most of us that are “awake” have. It will have a chilling effect on free speech  in the future, as the ignorant and uniformed public believe that all people that hold these views are dangerous domestic terrorists. 

This “domestic terrorist” meme is not a new development; but rather, a continuation of the same old agenda to demonize dissidents who oppose the globslists’ push for a new world order. This fight is not going away, and in fact, you can expect things to get much worse from here on out. Make no mistake, the globslists want bloodshed and chaos in order to strip away all rights and replace our constitutional form of government. 

As the days darken for America, understand why these things are happening, and keep in perspective that our Lord’s kingdom is not of this world. We look for our blessed hope at the returning of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!



White House plan aims to do the (almost) impossible: Identify homegrown extremists


Have you been wondering when the government was going to use all of the false flag shootings for their agenda? It seems like their endgame is coming into view. As the dragnet closes around the American people, it’s always done with the assumption that they are protecting us from Islamic terrorists, although our leaders refuse to label it as such. My contention has always been that the police state apparatus is really meant to come against any citizen that is opposed to our government’s globalist agenda. They have broadened the definition of a terrorist, and through the manipulation of actual ignorant and hateful people, have created a group of white terrorists that blend in with American society. Every white, non-immigrant person is potentially a hate-filled, violent extremist now. If you are opposed to open borders and the importation of unvetted immigrants that siphon off of our already flimsy system, you are a homegrown terrorist in the eyes of our globalist-lead government. In essence, if you even acknowledge that there is a new world order agenda, and are opposed, you are a terrorist.

Below are a couple of articles supporting my point. As these days grow darker, look up for your redemption draws near!



DHS Reports: Greatest Threat Is Domestic Right-Wing Extremism, Not ISIS

‘It will be a bloodbath’: Inside the Kansas militia plot to ignite a religious war