Oct 3, Marines Given Ok to Deploy in Homeland in Emergency – Prep for NWO of Rev. 13


EMERGENCY: Secret Plan Revealed For America

As I watched this video I remembered a pdf that I downloaded and read a few years ago. I remember that the concern over this government operation was that it would be the framework for the detention and removal of all government dissidents in the future. Take a look at the document after you watch this video and see what you think. I personally have always believed that eventually there would be a time when force would be used against Christians and patriots who oppose the imposition of a one world government. When? I don’t know, but be ready to give your life today and keep looking up for Jesus’ return.



Operation Endgame:


Coming Soon: The National Guard Homeland Response Force (HRF) for FEMA Region 7

Apocalypse News Watch

Last October I was talking to an acquaintance of mine who is a high ranking Missouri National Guard soldier. As we talked over coffee he starts to talk about how he wouldn’t trust anything electronic right now. What do you mean? I asked him.CB


He proceeded to talk about a meeting he was called into over the weekend with the Missouri Adjutant General, one that involved all the Missouri National Guard commands in the state.   He said they were worried about North Korean EMP weapons. I got the impression the meeting may have been prompted from higher up but he didn’t specify.

He then warned, I better have some food stored and a way to cook it, said he personally went out and bought 6 months worth supplies for him and his household.

As he talked, told me to remember the term of ‘Focus Units’ I think he said “line”…

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