UN “Together” Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants

This is a very good article explaining the current paradigm we find ourselves in. I witnessed one of the tentacles of this operation two weeks ago at my church, arriving in the form of a Christian missionary who pushed this global togetherness under the guise of Christian love. I don’t know how many people swallowed his propaganda that Sunday, but I was sickened listening to him speak. He bent over backwards establishing how global his efforts have been, showing the congregation pictures of the various Muslim men he’d been working in concert with in order to help bring in these “immigrants.” He also blurred the lines and made many vague references to meetings these Christian missionaries had conducted with Imams, never stating that they had shared the gospel with them; but rather, met in order to conduct charitable business. 

It all makes perfect sense to me: the deaf, dumb, and blind apostate church is assisting the beast system in destroying national boundaries and establishing the new world order. Countless numbers of well-meaning Christians are being deceived through their ignorance. The lukewarm church is essentially reaching out to hold hands with Catholics, Muslims, and others in the name of peace and security. The more I protest and separate myself from the crowd, the more I see how easy it will be for the masses to persecute me as a fundamentalist. The masses don’t have love for the truth, and as a result, they believe the lies that satan is telling. The days are so dark and full of deception; but we who are in Jesus, must shine the light of truth and continue to expose these works of darkness.