India leads down the highway to hell

News that matters

A OPED in the Times of India today, gives us a clue of the apocalyptic events inside a nation with 1,2 billion people. The age of horrors is on. 

cashless Millions of poor people in India are suffering because on the ongoing war in cash.

In technology we trust: the Modi government has blind faith in digital fixes for social problems.

Demonetisation has been a painful lesson about how much we trust tech solutions. For this government and its supporters, there is no human habit, no social pattern that doesn’t have a technological quick-fix.

insects The OPED in the Times of India.

digital Todays frontpage of the Times of India is an advertisement for the SIM-sticker.

The more disorderly and slow the government’s currency rollout has been, the more it holds out visions of digital efficiency. Never has so much irrational faith been placed in the cult of technology, to correct the frailties…

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